President's Speak

Happy Bengali New Year 1424 greetings to you all. Wish you a happy and prosperous new year. In the new year let me share a piece of information with you about our Branch. You all know that IAA Midnapore Branch was established in the year 2008 in the Department of Commerce with Farm Management, Vidyasagar University. Now, the Branch has 183 members and the members are spread all over South Bengal. We have some members from North Bengal and some members from outside West Bengal also. However, predominant members are from the districts of South Bengal, including Kolkata and Midnapore. To reflect this regional distribution of membership pattern in the name of the Branch it was proposed in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Branch that the name of the Branch be changed from IAA, Midnapore Branch to IAA, South Bengal Branch. This proposal of the Executive Committee was approved in the 9th AGM held in Umeschandra College, Kolkata on 03.12.2016.Subsequently, the proposal was sent to the national executive of the IAA and it has been approved by the national body also. The national body has informed us about this approval. Accordingly, the name of our branch is being changed from IAA, Midnapore Branch to IAA, South Bengal Branch. Henceforth, this name will be used in all office records and official correspondence.

I would like to thank all the members of the IAA, Midnapore Branch, for electing me President of the Branch for the year 2011 in the last AGM held at Burdwan University. I appeal to all the members to increase the number of members of the Branch. Each member should enrol at least one new member. I also request the members to offer suggestions regarding how to improve the functioning of the Branch and regarding new academic initiatives to be taken by the Branch. I wish all the members a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.

I am extremely happy that our Midnpore Branch of IAA has been able to launch its website so early. Members and all readers will have the opportunity of academic interaction through this site. Hopefully, an e-journal will also be published soon for the benefit of all concerned. I seek the cooperation, appropriate encouragement and complete involvement of all my friends in IAA. I hope the site and the proposed journal will be able to contribute towards the good name of our beloved association. With sincere thanks to all my friends who are planning and executing the site and the journal.